Our Values


Our hunger for new ideas is insatiable. We’re always searching, improving and pushing ourselves–because learning is part of the journey.


True respect means giving genuine feedback from a place of love. We’re honest with each other because it makes us better. Bullshitting and ego stroking never helped anyone.


To hell with doing things the way they’ve always been done. We never stop asking if there’s a better way. That’s how we outfox the status quo again and again.


Knowledge is power and we spread it like wildfire. When we learn something new, we pass it on. We don't keep you in the dark about the process, we keep you informed and involved. 

Who Is Manna Creative

Paul Dixon

Paul Dixon

Gentleman of Adventure

Paul is currently based in Saint John, NB. He has many years of experience in web design and custom coding of websites. As well he has a vast experience in graphic design, including once he made ads for the Yellow Pages phonebook.
When Paul is not designing graphics or coding he is found in the wilderness on his bike, or at home playing games with his 4 kids.

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